Go Beyond Symptoms and Resolve The Root Cause of Disease

A holistic system for personal use and healthcare professionals that identifies the root causes of disease and provides guidance to better health.

Meridiogram is an adaptive web-based questionnaire that provides a holistic assessment of an individual’s health with guidance to reverse disease.

Personal Wellness

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Are you fed up with modern healthcare and not getting the help you need? Are you confused about how to improve your health and create lasting positive change? Are you ready to feel empowered in your ability to make medical decisions and create a lifestyle that will help you heal?

Meridiogram gives you the power to be in charge of your own health and understand your body. When you understand how your symptoms and health challenges develop, you can get to the root cause of why these issues came about in the first place.

Professional Use

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Are you tired of the common intake forms that give you very little useful information about your client? Are you looking for a way to help your clients understand your plan to help them overcome their health challenges? Do you need a way to track the progress of your clients to give them confidence in the healing process?

Meridiogram Pro is an adaptive HIPAA-compliant intake form that creates a holistic health summary for the client and you. It includes quantifiable data that you and your clients can share to help them understand the treatment plan, give them confidence in the process, track their progress, and identify regularly overlooked root causes for disease.

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  • Learn About Yourself

Be In Charge of Your Health

Your Meridiogram will equip you with the knowledge to navigate your health decisions and guide you to reclaim your body’s ability to heal naturally.

This holistic system combines seemingly random and confusing information into an understandable and actionable conclusion.

  • Identify the Source

Find the Root Cause of Disease

Don’t seem to be getting healthier even though you’re “doing all the right things”?

Learn which of the 13 major root causes of disease may be creating your symptoms and keeping you from accessing your healing potential.

Read the article:

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  • Resolve Your Health Challenges

Create Lasting Healthy Change

The Meridiogram system is based on lifestyle-based solutions that reverse disease and prevents future illness.

Avoid the quick-fix gimmicks, the flavor-of-the-day fad, and temporary “put-a-band-aid-on-it” medicine.

Own your health and understand how your body works so you can achieve lasting results.

How does Meridiogram work?

Meridiogram is a smart questionnaire that uses a proprietary process to assess your symptoms and medical history.

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1. Answer the Questions

Simple questions about your symptoms and health history. This will take about 30-60 minutes to complete.

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2. Receive Your Meridiogram

Your Meridiogram is your customized assessment of your health. This will include:

  • Which of your body systems is the most deficient in its regenerative ability.
  • Which of the 13 root causes is causing your body’s inability to heal.
  • Steps to begin eliminating these root causes and reversing disease.
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3. Learn and Take Action

No matter your background or knowledge of health, Meridiogram will give you the essential understanding and detailed guidance to overcome your health challenges, make informed decisions, establish healthy habits, and create the life you imagine for yourself.

Zac Cormier founder

“The individual pieces of the puzzle are not important until we put all the pieces together and see the big picture.

Only when we get that clarity can we see how the evolution of disease occurs and where we have strayed from living in coherence with nature.”

Zacharie Cormier, M.S., L.Ac.


What Are People Like You Saying About Meridiogram?

The different perspective that Meridiogram provides is a breath of fresh air. My doctors were never able to explain to me why I was sick. Meridiogram made understanding my health simple. If you feel confused about your health or why you’re not getting better, you need Meridiogram!

Madison M.

Case Studies

The following case studies are examples of how Meridiogram is used for common issues.

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Ready to Go Beyond Symptoms and Resolve Your Health Challenges?