Case Study:
Chronic Low Energy

“Janice” (name changed) had been experiencing low energy and frequently felt tired for most of the past 20 years. She was 41 years old the first time she used Meridiogram and she wanted answers and relief from her symptoms.

Lady fatigued & tired


The image shown is just the Sleep & Energy section of Janice’s Meridiogram, which includes her responses. There are many more sections to the questionnaire that are not shown here.

Her primary symptoms included low energy, poor memory, brain fog, difficulty sleeping, and headaches from time to time. She also experienced some digestive troubles, including heartburn and bloating after meals. She was also chronically constipated. She would feel moderate anxiety and irritability daily.

Some other symptoms included mild low back pain, clenching her teeth at night, bleeding gums when flossing, cold hands and feet, hot flashes at night, getting up to pee during the night, mild skin issues, pale nails, seasonal & food-related allergies, and would sometimes get severe PMS symptoms.

To some, these symptoms may seem random and confusing. To Meridiogram, they all make sense!

Sleep & Energy Questionnaire section

Meridiogram Results

After completing the questionnaire, Meridiogram indicates which of your five systems is the most deficient in regenerative ability. The five different systems are named after elements – fire, earth, metal, water, and wood. Every organ, muscle, tissue, tooth, or other body part is grouped into one or more of these systems.

A good analogy for an individual system is a bucket with water in it. The bucket is the system and the water is the ability for the system to function properly. When the bucket is full of water, or a system is full of energy, it will function properly. If the bucket has lost water, or the system has lost energy, it won’t function properly.

Everything we do and everything in our environment either gives us energy or takes energy away. Janice’s most deficient system was the earth system. This tells us that the earth-related structures and functions are low in energy or have low “water in the bucket”.

Now we need to figure out what in Janice’s environment is taking water out of her “earth bucket” or what in her environment has put a hole in her “earth bucket” that is making the water (energy) leak out.

Earth Channels Affected Areas
Meridiogram - fatigue pattern

Root Causes

The root causes section lists the reasons why disease or unwanted symptoms develop. This is the part that identifies what in one’s environment is out of coherence with their natural human physiology.

Janice had multiple root causes that were likely issues. The one at the top of the list was the dental root cause. She had four teeth that required action, highlighted in red. She also had four teeth that required more investigation, highlighted in orange. The teeth highlighted red had mercury fillings on them. This is important because those are some of the “earth teeth” and mercury is extremely toxic.

She also happened to have been living with these toxic fillings for around 20 years.

The “earth” teeth mercury fillings were one of the major factors that were causing Janice to have a weak earth system. She had always tried to eat healthily and take supplements for her digestion, but none of it worked. It was only after she had her mercury fillings removed that her food intolerances disappeared and her digestion drastically improved. She also felt like she had more energy!

Janice had multiple root causes, so she will continue to address them and repair her earth system’s ability to heal itself.

Teeth with symptoms of fatigue

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