Case Study:
Chronic Neck and Shoulder Pain

“Kyle” (name changed) had been experiencing neck and shoulder pain that would alternate sides of his body randomly for 6 years. He was 37 years old the first time he used Meridiogram and he wanted answers so he could go back to playing tennis comfortably again.

Guy with neck pain


The image shown is the “Where Do You Have Pain?” section of Kyle’s Meridiogram, which includes his responses. There are many more sections to the questionnaire that are not shown here.

His primary symptoms other than his alternating neck and shoulder pain include a tight jaw, grinding his teeth at night, he would sometimes get tension headaches in the afternoon, he had trouble focusing after lunch, and he had low energy from the time he woke up until about 5pm then he would feel wired.

Kyle also had a very hard time getting quality sleep. It took him forever to fall asleep and he would wake up a couple of hours before his alarm clock and not be able to go back to sleep.

Some other important things to mention about Kyle include he had his wisdom teeth removed when he was 22, he was reliant on coffee to get him through his day, he would tend to skip breakfast because he wasn’t hungry, he always had a very strong craving for spicy foods, and he had a very stressful job as the manager of a large team.

To some, these symptoms may seem random and confusing. To Meridiogram, they all make sense!

Meridiogram Results

After completing the questionnaire, Meridiogram indicates which of your five systems is the most deficient in regenerative ability. The five different systems are named after elements – fire, earth, metal, water, and wood. Every organ, muscle, tissue, tooth, or other body part is grouped into one or more of these systems.

A good analogy for an individual system is a bucket with water in it. The bucket is the system and the water is the ability for the system to function properly. When the bucket is full of water, or a system is full of energy, it will function properly. If the bucket has lost water, or the system has lost energy, it won’t function properly.

Everything we do and everything in our environment either gives us energy or takes energy away. Kyle’s most deficient system was the fire system. This tells us that the fire-related structures and functions are low in energy or have low “water in the bucket”.

Now we need to figure out what in Kyle’s environment is taking water out of his “fire bucket” or what in his environment has put a hole in his “fire bucket” that is making the water (energy) leak out.

Root Causes

The root causes section lists the reasons why the disease or unwanted symptoms develop. This is the part that identifies what in one’s environment is out of coherence with their natural human physiology.

Kyle had multiple root causes that were likely issues. One of the root causes at the top of the list was the emotional blockage root cause. Emotional blockages function similarly to harmful electromagnetic fields.

He mentioned waking up during the night thinking about work-related things. He also found that his pain was worse on weekdays when he would go to work. He had a high-stress position at his job for 7 years. He also mentioned that he felt like he had to keep it together emotionally for his team so he tended to handle his emotions in unhealthy ways. He also admitted to downplaying his own emotions. So, we both understood emotion played a big part in his neck and shoulder pain.

The neck and shoulder “fire” muscles had become weak and chronically tight because of not being able to positively handle the emotional stress from his job. Since the “fire” muscles of the fire system became weak it also caused other related fire system body parts to become dysfunctional. That is also one of the reasons why Kyle’s nervous system and brain no longer had the ability to energize him during the day and put him to sleep at night. That is why his symptoms kept progressively getting worse.

Kyle is working with Meridiogram to help release emotional blockages using different modalities as well as learning techniques to regulate his mental and emotional systems through Meridiogram. Kyle made one change during his workday lunch break that eliminated his tension headaches, low energy, and trouble focusing after lunch within the first week of implementing it.

Now, Kyle continues to use the guidance from Meridiogram to address the other root causes that were revealed in his report.

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