Do You Know The Most Important Question Related to Your Health?

Hello there! I’m glad you’re here. 

I’d like to begin by asking you the most important health-related question there is. Because if you don’t know how to truthfully answer this question, none of the other things I have to say matters.

Here goes:

What is your dream in this lifetime? 

What I mean by that is what do you love? What is your reason for living?

It can be anything from wanting to run a marathon, being a super mom or dad, traveling the world, or being a professional ice sculptor. It can be anything! And you know what your dream is when just the thought of it makes your jujubes tingle.

If you’re having a hard time with that question, that’s ok.

If you can’t identify what your dream or purpose is, answer this next question:

What is your biggest fear or nightmare in this lifetime? 

When you have a big enough dream you don’t need a disaster. This means that the motivation to achieve something positive that you really want is stronger than the motivation to avoid pain and disease.

But sometimes when you’re honest with yourself, the dream isn’t there. When you’re working to achieve your dream, your choices will naturally align with creating that reality. That’s why having a dream is so important. It’s the motivation to get better.

Fear can also be the motivation to make healthy changes because you’ll do anything to keep your nightmare from becoming a reality. This may not be as effective as being driven by a dream because you’ll only attempt to take care of yourself when things start going wrong, instead of avoiding and preventing the decline of your health in the first place.

Oftentimes, the lack of purpose is the real origin of many physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual challenges people face. And that is when your body moves away from being happy, healthy, and whole to manifesting your fears and nightmares. 

So I want you to stop reading for a moment and come back to read this when you can answer either of those questions. 

My Dream is:_____________________________________________________________


My Nightmare is:________________________________________________________

You can’t get to a place that doesn’t exist.

The thing is, I can give you all the guidance and knowledge that you need to reverse disease and heal your body but none of that matters if you don’t have the motivation to want to get better. There is no reason for you to take steps on your journey if there is no destination to be reached. Achieving health is a prerequisite to manifesting the life you want. That’s why it’s so important that your dream is well-defined.

When you have a big enough dream and you’re in love with that dream, your thoughts, choices, and actions will be congruent with realizing and creating that reality. 

If you’re not truly in love with your dream or don’t have one, your love is being channeled toward the addiction to the habits and lifestyle that are making you unhealthy. That’s when you’re stuck loving on ice cream at 2am instead of going to bed so you will be well-rested for manifesting the life you want the next day.

Getting clear on your goals will create a strong foundation for when challenging decisions need to be made. When it comes to deciding if you should go to bed on time or stay up to watch the Holiday Baking Championship and eat a pint of Rocky Road ice cream, the decision will be easy if your dream is big enough. It’ll be obvious. 

Make changes? That sounds like work… Yuck!

I see it far too often. My clients understand the reasons why they’re sick and understand my recommendations to address the issues. But when the time comes to change their damaging lifestyles, they choose to continue their unhealthy habits. These are the folks that are more in love with their suffering than their dream.

Only when you start taking responsibility for your life and health can you reverse disease and achieve health.

Your dream and purpose are WHY you do the things you do. Don’t underestimate the power of this intention. After all, where your attention goes, your energy flows!

Albert Einstein’s first law of thermodynamics says, “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” When you embody this principle, you can harness the energy that you’re using to feed your pain and dysfunction, and transform it into strength and focus to reshape your life and your health. 

The Five Hindrances.

The states of being that create disease and poor health are really the main obstacles on your journey, not the disease itself. The Buddhist tradition calls these obstacles to progress and self-mastery “The Five Hindrances”. They are:

  1. Pleasurable desires of the senses – This is an addiction to sensual gratification.
  2. Ill will towards others – When you see others as separate and different than you, you fail to see the unity between every living being. This drives destructive emotion.
  3. Apathy and laziness –  This makes you numb to caring about making your situation better. This is closely related to not being clear on your life-dream.
  4. Restlessness and anxiousness –  This is when you are taking on too much. You are pouring more water into the cup than the cup can hold. It makes the mind uneasy.
  5. Doubt –  This is the little voice that makes you feel unsure of yourself, your actions, your progress, and your journey. The information I give you will hopefully remove this obstacle from your health journey once and for all.

When taking steps on your health journey, you will run into challenges along the way. These challenges will try to revert you to your old ways of being that created your poor health. Or, you can use them as opportunities to create a new world for yourself with new life-positive habits. The resistance that you’re experiencing is from your mind. It will give you excuses like:

Don’t put that pizza down, it tastes so good. Remember, it has tomatoes and those are healthy! And pepperoni has protein so that’s healthy too. Nom, nom, nom.

Or your mind tells you,

Stay on your phone a little longer. It helps you relax and get your mind off of things. Must… keep… scrolling… keep your mind numb a little longer my precious!

I hope you can now see how your mind justifies these things and makes you feel good about falling into the trap when “muahaha-ing” behind the scenes.

Any of the conditions that your mind wants you to believe can be identified as one of those five hindrances. Being able to identify that you have reached a bump in the road is half the battle. Only when you know there is a problem you can fix it.

Singing in the rain is good for you.

Shaolin Master Shi Heng Yi shares advice for travelers on the path to self-healing. He says that along your journey you will experience rain storms, bumpy roads, mud, and distractions that will make you want to stop your journey short. These obstacles of the mind will stop you from achieving your goals. Your body and mind will say, “I don’t like bumpy roads. I don’t like rain. This is too hard.” 

His answer: Let It RAIN.

He uses RAIN as an acronym. And everybody loves a good acronym!

R – Recognize. Identify which of the five hindrances is interfering with your journey.

A – Accept. Allow the situation and people in it to be as they are. Reacting emotionally will only keep you stuck longer.

I – Investigate. Ask questions to yourself that are non-judgmental and with genuine curiosity. Why did this issue come up? What happens if I stay stuck in this state?

N – Non-Identify. Master Shi Heng Yi recommends learning to step back from your drama and situation to see that your thoughts, actions, and emotions are not who you are. They are things that flow through you and become problematic when you hold onto them. But they become healing when they can flow through you without holding onto them.

This will be an incredibly useful tool to help guide you through navigating the new paradigm of health that you will be receiving from Meridiogram. 

What I will offer you will be a very different way of approaching health. But it really does “put the ball in your court” because so much of it comes down to your ability to apply changes to your lifestyle.

This is about to get really real…

I’m going to teach you how to heal and reverse a vast majority of all sorts of diseases. And that stuff is all fine and dandy, but as I said earlier, it’s worthless if you don’t love yourself enough to change. 

Some of you reading this might need to re-read that last line until it knocks your socks off. And not just like falling off your feet knock-your-socks-off but more like launching your socks across the room and putting a hole in the drywall kind of knock-your-socks-off.

The story of health is really a story about love.

Do you love yourself enough to change?

Do you love your friends and family enough to change?

Tough questions I know.

For a majority of people reading this, I don’t know you personally but you’re the reason I’m writing this. I love you! 

My life-dream is to share with you and all of humanity, the guidance and knowledge needed to create health so you can realize your dreams. I want to see you happy, healthy, and whole. We’re all in this together, ya know? 

I am honored to be taking this journey with you and I look forward to your healing and growth. I hope you’re excited about the new you! So now, you need to decide…

Are you the unicorn?

“HELP!” by Shel Silverstein

Author: Zac Cormier