Understanding Your Meridiogram

Go Beyond Symptoms. You Have The Ability To Heal Yourself and Reverse Disease.

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How Does Disease Happen?

The human body has the power to regenerate itself. An example of this is when we get a cut on our skin. We know the wound will close up and the skin will become like new.

When the human body no longer has the regenerative ability to get rid of old damaged cells and replace them with new healthy functioning ones, disease and sickness occur.

Unleash Your Innate Power to Heal

Meridiogram identifies which systems, organs, and muscles have lost the ability to regenerate and function properly.

More importantly, it points out the reasons that your body has lost its ability to fix itself. Once those reasons have been addressed and eliminated, your healing power will be restored and disease will be reversed.

How To Read Your Meridiogram

The Most Deficient System

The first section of your Meridiogram shows which of your body systems is the most deficient in its healing ability.

Think of each body system as a battery holding a charge. When the battery is empty, that system won’t function properly. The more a circle is colored in, the more deficient that system is.

There are five systems that can be further broken down into subsections, called meridians. Each meridian is named after one of the major organs, but it is essential to remember that the meridian contains more than just that organ.

Meridiogram pentagram
Meridiogram Primary Channel

Parts of The Most Deficient System

The second section of your Meridiogram reveals what body parts and processes are included in your most deficient system.

The diagram gives you a visual representation of how these seemingly random body parts and processes are actually connected and how your symptoms are not random.

When a system’s battery is fully charged there will be no symptoms from the body parts and processes included in that system. As that system battery loses charge, symptoms related to those organs and tissues will start to appear. The more energy that is drained from that battery without being replaced, the more severe the manifested symptoms will be.

Since all of the meridians are connected in series like a circuit, they will also borrow charge from one another. So, it is very common to have multiple deficient meridians.

Suspected Root Causes

The next section of your Meridiogram includes the suspected root causes for the low charge in one or more of your meridian batteries. Ideally, when our body uses energy for everyday function, healing injury, or strenuous activity, the energy should be replaced by doing basic healthy activities.

Meridiogram identifies 13 different root-cause categories that can cause a leak in one of your meridian batteries. These root-cause leaks are the reasons why certain parts of your body experience pain and fail to heal or function properly. Your batteries aren’t able to recharge!

The root causes that are likely impacting your health the most are listed, along with color-coded bars which indicate their severity. The colors in order of decreasing severity are red, orange, and yellow.

A brief description of each root cause follows, as well as some simple first steps you can take to begin resolving these issues. Many of these are lifestyle-based solutions. There is a lot more to be said about each issue and how to resolve them. Consult with a holistic healthcare professional for further guidance.

Meridiogram root cause teeth
Meridiogram Nose & Sinus Questions

Questionnaire Summary

This last section of the Meridiogram highlights the relevant symptoms in your questionnaire responses.

As you begin taking action to resolve your root-cause issues, your meridian batteries will regain their ability to charge, your symptoms will start disappearing, and you will know it is time to retake your Meridiogram to assess your progress.

It is also a useful section to share with any holistic medical professionals you work with so they have a complete summary of your symptoms, medical history, and the current action plan you’re using to overcome your health challenges.

What Are The 13 Root Causes?

The 13 root causes are the obstacles in your environment that create disease and interfere with your body’s natural healing ability.

As you eliminate these root causes from your environment, your body will regain the ability to heal, function properly, feel better, and reverse disease. Many of these are often missed by many professionals because they are very subtle, yet they affect the body in profound ways.

Each root cause is unique and has details often overlooked in modern medicine. For example, the hydration root cause is not just about simply drinking enough water. There is a lot more to understand about water and how it creates life.

The following is the list of the 13 root causes in no particular order, except for the Circadian Rhythm Disruption. That root cause is the most important:

1. Circadian Rhythm Disruption

2. Adrenal Fatigue

3. Hypothyroid

4. Hormone Imbalance

5. Nutritional Deficiency

6. Digestive Deficiency

7. Hydration

8. Dental Health

9. Emotional Blockages

10. Gall Bladder Removal

11. Toxins, Allergens, and Immunity

12. Scars, Burns, Tattoos, and Piercings

13. Movement and Exercise

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